What Are Safelists?

Safelists are one of the best ways that I have found to build a business online, Advertise your Website, Business, Products, Services and make money online.

They are a good way to learn Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Solo Ads, Banner Ads and Text Ads all in one place.

The best way to use Safelists is to use them to Build an Email List.

The way the to do this is by building landing pages with optin forms and and then use the Safelists to Promote the landing pages that have your Email Optin Forms designed into them.

There are Also alot of Safelists that have email list building systems built into them.

I will be listing all of the Email List Building Systems that I can find in the menu at this website.

Safelist are really simple to use, all of the Email Ads are written for you so that all you will need to do is copy the email ads and then paste them into the Safelist Email Form and click the send button and that is basically all that there is to sending a Solo Ad (Email Ad) with a Safelist.

It is a good idea to join as many Safelist as you can, (I have joined over a hundred)

Just about all of the Safelist are free to join and you can earn mailing credits by reading emails or you can buy the credits.

The Safelist offer deals where you can buy a lifetime membership for a really good deal.

I will be listing all of the Safelists that I can find in the Menu at this Website.

(The Safelist – Easy Cash List Building System – is one of the best that I have found, it has a one time $10 dollar fee but just about all of the other Safelist that I have listed are Free to join and get started)

Mathiew Burkett

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